Frequently Asked Questions





There are a few things that people commonly ask about toastmasters. Here we've listed some of the questions you may have - but if you don't see an answer here please get in touch either by phoning us, or sending an email.

Got a question not listed here?

Who is eligible to join?

Almost anyone can join. Membership is open to any male or female provided they are at least 18 years of age, Other than thet there are no restrictions



What sort of people are members of Remuera Toastmasters?

We have a diverse range of people with ages ranging from early 20's to over 70's, and a roughly 50:50 mix of males & females. We have people in all sorts of occupations from engineering, students, architecture, local government, teaching, consulting and many others, including a broad cultural mix as well. We have several members who have been involved with toastmasters for many years - a real benefit because of their depth of experience an knowledge.



Do I need to live in Remuera to join?

No. Some of our members do live in Remuera but membership is open to people regardless of where they live.



Can I visit the club as a guest?

Of course! You'll need to visit us at least once or twice to see how things are done and to get a feel for whether it's a good fit for you .




Will I have to speak if I come as a guest?

No!  As a visitor we're not interested in putting you on the spot. We want you to be free to decide if the club is a good fit for you in a relaxed frame of mind, not stressed by having to suddenly stand up and speak. But of course you may be invited to introduce yourself, or to participate in Table Topics if you feel you'd like to - but there is no pressure.



What does membership cost?


Joining fee:              $35.00


Subscriptions:          $156.00 per 6 months (in advance)


The 6 monthly membership periods begin in April and October. If you join part-way through a period the subscription fees are pro-rated. Ask the club's Vice President Membership for help with filling out the form details if you're not sure.


How do I pay?


Once you've been told what your fees will be you can deposit the amount directly to the club's bank account:


Remuera Toastmasters Club, ASB:   12-3030-0635983-00