How do I join?




Come to one or two meetings as a guest first - there's no charge. Observe what we do. Assess how our club works and whether it will suit you.


Then, when you're ready, you can download the membership form below, fill in your details, then bring it along with you to the next club meeting.


What does it cost?


Joining fee:              $35.00


Subscriptions:          $156.00 per 6 months (in advance)


The 6 monthly membership periods begin in April and October. If you join part-way through a period the subscription fees are pro-rated. Ask the club's Vice President Membership for help with filling out the form details if you're not sure.


How do I pay?


Once you've been told what your fees will be you can deposit the amount directly to the club's bank account:


Remuera Toastmasters Club, ASB:   12-3030-0635983-00


Download a copy of the membership form here: