Why Remuera Toastmasters?





We think the attitudes and style of a club makes a big difference to how rewarding it is to be a member. Those attitudes and values are reflected in the values that the club holds dear.


We call these the three S's - Support, Structure, and Sustenance.



Members receiving awards for a speech competition



Remuera Toastmasters is a safe non-critical environment in which you can practise, make mistakes, and get better at the art of speaking.


Each member is involved in speaking,  and each member's speech gets evaluated by another member. Trying something new is not only accepted - it's encouraged.


It's only by pushing the boundaries that we learn and grow.











Our meetings are in the evening,  so at each meeting before the prepared speeches section we have a break and supper (provided by one of our members).


After all - you can't perform at your best if your blood sugar is low!



Fortunately we have a good mix of young and older members.


Some of the older ones have many years of experience as toastmasters, and they are able to provide guidance and mentoring when it's needed.


Mentors provided. New members are welcome to request mentoring when joining.


Sometimes experience does make a difference.